Hello, my name is Lydia and welcome to my blog about my experiences and musings as a young adult with a tumour.

In November 2016, at 24 years young I was diagnosed with having an inflammatory myofibroblastomic tumour. I had just had a ‘fibroid’ removed from the inside of my uterus to find out it was something more sinister. This was one of two, the other still remains in the wall of my uterus, where from it unfortunately can’t be removed. I have just started hormone treatment, Zolodex, and as a young, single woman with no dependants, I am hoping to put off having a hysterectomy for as long as possible.

I am also into pole fitness, eating well and staying healthy, which is a much harder task now a days. I am based in Manchester and a cancer champion for Trekstock, so if you are a young adult with cancer in the area and your looking to meet some more of us, get in touch. I am also an advocate and campaigners for GRACE, a charity that funds vital research and raises awareness of gyneacological cancers.

This blog will document my thoughts and feelings through my ‘journey’, will champion the cause of speaking about the much undiscussed issues that face young people specifically going through cancer. Expect lots of chat about fertility, trying to manage a social life, dating and sex, working and managing a career, energy, mental health and well being. Well… I soon realised that could be the longest list of all time, the issues we face are fairly endless, but there is a quick snippet.