My First Hello

Hello Readlings,

I am Lydia and welcome to my blog. I am the fresh young age of 24 and in November 2016 I was told I had a rare uterine tumour. There are only 10 cases of a uterine inflammatory myofibroblastoma in the literature, my consultant referred to it as ‘vanishingly rare’, rather poetic I think. So here I am, the 11th person to have this diagnosis.

Through my journey, I have come across many challenges, the majority of them I share with many other young adults with cancer, and yet they are nearly all under discussed.

I am starting this blog to write openly about my experiences and start a frank dialogue about the troubles young adults face going through cancer, because it’s an important dialogue to open. I am also a Manchester Cancer Champion for Trekstock, a charity providing support for adults in their 20s, and 30s going through cancer.

If just one person reads this blog and feels not alone as a young adult with cancer, feels part of a community, connects with anything I say, or is empowered to speak out about the struggles and needs they share with me, then I have done the job I set out to.


One thought on “My First Hello

  1. Hello Lydia, It is a pleasure to see your blog. While I was going through chemotherapy I discovered the blog of Nalie. I believe she was diagnosed at 27. The blog is full of videos and commentary. It really helped me to cope. I found her courage and high spirits to be encouraging for me. Lord knows I needed it. Your blog just like her blog has touched my soul.


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