The big learning curve; what cancer has taught me one year on

One year on from writing my first ever article, what cancer has taught me, an awful lot has changed. For one I no longer have cancer, hurrah! For two I no longer have a womb, boo! Even though my time with cancer is done (fingers fucking crossed) it is not something that has left my [...]

6 tips for sex after a hysterectomy

In 2014 I was diagnosed with inflammatory myofibroblastomic tumours in my uterus (a rare form of womb cancer). In June this year I had a total hysterectomy, and have been recovering my life ever since. Before my hysterectomy I was put on a hormone treatment (zoladex) for 4 months which was unfortunately unsuccessful. This plummeted [...]

My year of cancer in gifs

Today is my first cancerversary. What does that even mean?! I don't know. It certainly isn't an event to celebrate, maybe to commiserate? Probably not either. I don't know what it is, but it is definitely a thing. So to mark this something I have put together a timeline of this wretched past 12 months, [...]

Gynaecological Cancer Awareness Month Round Up- wk 3

#Day15 of #MyGynaeMonth is all about going out for dinner and drinks with the best gals and there is lots of talk about health, including gynae health, GO TEAM! They had a go at drawing the female reproductive system, well done to Megan for getting full marks, she obviously knows her insides! Here are the doodles we did of [...]

Gynaecological Cancer Awareness Month Round Up- wk 2

#Day8 and I’m catching up on #MyGynaeMonth posts because I have been busy at Bestival. To break up the dreary cancer chat I thought I would posts something uplifting, as right now I’m feeling good. Sometimes life after cancer is just life. Every now and then (even if it's rare) I get a whole day [...]